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Personal interests

I like cold regions best. The last years I got the chance to visit regions in the Arctic and Antarctica. At present I am looking for a PhD position in Arctic Ecology. I like best to work with animals. But a really exciting subject is the interaction of Arctic communities. Therefore I hope to find a relevant position in near future.

At the following pages you can find pictures and comments to my polar voyages.

The last two years of my study I spent at Spitsbergen. There is a University (Unis). There you can study biology, geology, geophysics and Arctic technology. You can enjoy the marvellous surroundings after your lessons. And you can decide whether you go by ski, on foot or by snow mobile.

on tour

I started my thesis in January 2000. During this winter I got lots of time to find out everything about the behaviour of Svalbard reindeer (in Latin: Rangifer tarandus platyrhynchus).

Are you interested to read more about my work at Spitsbergen, you have to go to the next page.

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author: Elke Lindner